Bomb It 7

The series of Bomb IT:

Bomb it 7



Bomb It 7 Overview

The seventh sequel is very addicting. There are brand new features such as dressing up your character with costumes. Discover brand new arenas, play against human and/or computer rivals in multiple game modes and try to blast your enemies by placing bombs.

About Bomb IT

Bomb IT is a classic game where you can play in single-player mode or with your friend in 2 player mode. You can choose your character as well. Your mission is to move around a large maze and place the bombs to wipe out obstacles and then find a way towards your opponents to blow them up within the time limit. When the obstacles are destroyed, get special power-ups. You have 3 lives. Note to stay away from the bomb places to keep yourself alive and not to lose one life. Here are 7 versions of in the series of Bomb IT game.